Ontario greenhouse growers are benefiting from higher prices on beefsteak tomatoes this season, thanks to strong demand and reduced production from competitors.

The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers have seen a noticeable spike in prices against 2014. “For beef tomatoes, the current pricing is about $1.00 to 1.50 higher on the spot market than last year for this week,” notes OGVG representative Fiona McLean, who adds that the pricing spike has not extended to on-the-vine grown greenhouse tomatoes.

While several factors have played into this year’s market, McLean believes that lower production from other regions has been the biggest driving force behind the strong beefsteak tomato prices.

“Competition stems from local competitive marketers, American field and greenhouse tomato producers, and Mexican growers/shippers,” McLean explains, saying that the difference in prices “appears to primarily be attributable to reductions in Mexican and/or Californian production/shipment levels.”

McLean adds that, while the market has recently dipped, Ontario greenhouse tomato growers have also benefited from strong demand this year. “Tomatoes have had a strong demand for most of 2015, although that has weakened slightly over the past few weeks.”

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