KUBO has constructed three Lipetsk project phases in under 2 years. Lipetsk Agro decided to start building with KUBO in 2013. They were so pleased that the decision to build a second phase was made quickly. And Phase 3 was even delivered in September. The company has constructed a total of approximately 19.5 hectares of greenhouses in the region of Lipetsk, with which it shares its name. 

The quality of tomatoes and cucumbers in the Ultra-Clima® concept Lipetsk greenhouses is that good, that buyers are queuing up. In spite of the current political/economic situation, a decision was taken to realize phase four (10.5 ha), the construction of which will start this year. 

Controllable Climate

A plus point of the system is that the desired temperature always remains within the desired bandwidth, with no peaks whatsoever. Partly because of this, no pesticides were needed in between the two cucumber cultivation rounds and intermediate planting.

Assimilation Lighting

Recirculation in the Ultra-Clima greenhouses results in optimum distribution of heat from lamps. In phase two it appeared that 15W/m² less electricity was consumed. The recently planted phase-3 cucumber crop is expected to be grown using approximately 200 W/m² of lighting.


It is expected that a a production record (for Russian standards) will be achieved.

This successful project was sold in cooperation with KUBO’s Russian agent FITO Agro. Fito has many years’ experience in the agricultural sector and is the only company in Russia that sells its own climate computer. For the Ultra-Clima concept they designed a special climate computer which is being used at Lipetsk and Tiraspol in Moldavia. 

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