From May until October 2015 the World EXPO Milan took place. Edenparks, who had been given the honour of building the Dutch pavilion, is now also responsible for dismantling and replacing it to a future destination. 

The organisers opted for a glass construction, thus providing a direct reference to the horticultural industry. Edenparks, which forms part of Smiemans Projecten, had been given the honour of building the Dutch pavilion, not least because of its expertise in construction of such buildings for public use. The pavilion provided a space where the Dutch business community and nutrition-based organisations could hold presentations and meetings, as well as entertain guests.

More than 20 million visitors visited this successful exhibition. For the Netherlands the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” was a good opportunity to show that we are the world leader in the field of knowledge and innovation in the food sector. No fewer than 140 countries exhibited, on 1.1 million square metres in size, their innovations in the field of healthy, safe and sufficient nutrition.

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