Popularity of lettuce is growing in China. Consumers are becoming aware of its health benefits and local production is increasing. Li is a manager at Nongcheng Seed, a seed producer from Xian in Central China. He comments on the trend: “compared to a couple of years ago, an increased number of growers have started to plant lettuce in open ground or in greenhouses. Large production areas are found near coastal cities in the South of China. Especially Guangdong and Guangxi province are well known for their lettuce production.”

“Popular lettuce varieties in China are looseleaf and butterhead lettuce. We produce seeds for products grown on open ground. Throughout the breeding process we focus on reducing production risks. We pay special attention to threats from Fusarium wilt and the lettuce mosaic virus. So far, we have not encountered any problems.”

Compared to last season, production volumes and demand for lettuce has remained stable. So far, the company has witnessed no big jumps in consumer preferences.

When reflecting upon future development of lettuce production, Li is positive: “I foresee a growing market for lettuce in China. Lettuce is a healthy crop and Chinese consumers focus on healthy eating. However, it will take a while before lettuce consumption will be at levels with consumption abroad. Lettuce is typically not eaten as a raw dish or salad. It is often used in meat dishes or mixed in with other vegetables. In other words, lettuce is considered a special sort of vegetable.”

Next to lettuce seed Nongcheng Seed produces chilli, watermelon, cabbage, cantaloupe, pumpkin and carrot seed. Its production is based on 8,000 hectares (120,000 mu). Carrot seed production and cabbage seed production is done on 3,300 hectares (50,000 mu) and 1,300 hectares (20,000 hectares).

“We sell our products to wholesalers, who sell to local growers. On our website we provide information to growers.” said Mr. Li, production manager of NongCheng Seed Co, LTD.

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