The 2015 season has shown once again that the vast experience and professionalism of the producers from Seewinkler Sonnengemüse, even during demanding circumstances due to the weather, produce quality. Heavy rain and extreme temperatures in summer this year led to huge challenges. If the plants are exposed to more than 35 ° C the yield will fluctuate and the quality of the vegetables will suffer too. This affects not only crops in the field, but also crops grown in greenhouses and tunnels.

Despite the heat Seewinkler manage to reach the 16 million euro turnover of last year already in October. “We look back on a difficult, but successful year. Although our acreage compared to 2014 has decreased we expect a turnover of 16.5 Million euros at the end of the year, a growth of 3%,” states Josef Peck Managing Director of the producers organization. The bell pepper is with 74% one of the bestselling products of Seewinkler Sonnengemüse.

Especially the excellently tasting pointed Romano pepper is popular with the consumers. Roasted, stuffed, in salads or as a snack there is no limit on the possibilities. Seewinkler Sonnengemüse plans to expand the acreage for the cultivation of this popular delicacy. And customers who like a spicier variety will not be forgotten. More will be revealed at the beginning of next year.
Seewinkler Sonnengemüse is pleased that crops grown in the field such as spring onions and zucchini are in high demand by the consumers. Regrettably the production of these crops decreased over the last years, since the yield strongly depends on the weather. Extreme heat as well as rain, hail or strong wind can compromise these crops. “Our goal for the coming season is an increase of the open field acreage to meet the demand of the Austrian market. To reach this goal we implement supportive actions and aim for fair prices as this form of cultivation could lead to a loss of crops at any time,” explains Josef Peck.

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