At the end of October 2015, it was 25 years since PB Techniek was registered in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. That’s why the employees of PB Techniek put the directors of PB Techniek, Koen and Paul Brabander in the spotlights and organized a “surprise party”. The parents and partners of Koen and Paul were also invited. 

Michel Broch reminisced on how Koen and Paul Brabander have already worked for more than 25 years in the horticulture business. First they helped their uncle, Ton Brabander with the installation of rainwater collection and transport systems. Then they started their own company Brabander Plastics. In that time they meet P. van den Berg Techniek. Peter van den Berg had a watertechnical department. Koen and Paul Brabander took over this department and moved to Berkel en Rodenrijs.

In 2001 they also took over the electrotechnical department of Westland Energie and the company had a complete Electrotechnical and Watertechnical Installation company. First the company was located in Naaldwijk and Berkel en Rodenrijs. Since 2007 the company has been located in a new building in Maasdijk. 

What the employees appreciate is the way Koen and Paul work as directors of PB Techniek BV. They always think “outside of the box” and want to develop new products and projects. That’s why the employees are proud to work for the company.

To thank Koen and Paul Brabander they offered them a present with an inscription. Of course this present will get a nice place in the building. The partners of Koen and Paul got a bouquet of flowers to thank them for their support. 

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