The Department of Vegetables and Medicinal Plants is a leading academic knowledge center that focuses on testing environmentally-friendly and ecologically responsible methods for producing vegetables, fruits, and medicinal raw materials.

Philips and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences wanted to see if it was possible to get high yields of good quality cucumbers using only LED lighting. They also wanted to investigate the efficiency of using LED interlighting on crops.

The University set up three separate growing compartments for cucumbers. They all applied the same growth light levels, each provided by different lighting technologies.

This trial proved that growing under 100% LED is the most cost-effective way to produce cucumbers in late autumn and early spring. With the LEDs, energy costs were down by 60%. In the 100% LED treatment compartment, there were much lower rates of fruit abortion and individual fruits were significantly heavier. The fruits grown under 100% LED looked much the same as under HIDs but consumers preferred their taste.

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