Levarht has announced the introduction of their new Pick and Pack Hot Pepper Mix Box, which has already been well received in the USA and Canada.

The colorful Hot Pepper mix box with heat index indicator is perfect for retail.

The concept allows customers to pick and choose their favorites, along with giving them the possibility to explore a bit and try something new. The 2kg (4.5 lbs.) box is divided into 4 separate compartments.

The Heat index indicates the hotness of the pepper and show which varieties can be sorted in the box. Depending on season and availability, hot pepper varieties will be chosen in cooperation with the retailer, wholesaler or importer.

The customer can buy as much or as little as they need, so they can experiment with new products without getting stuck with something they don't like.

The company believes that pick and pack isn't just a trend, but that it's smart shopping that can both increase sales and take care of environment.

The Hot Pepper mix box is now available from Levarht.

Please visit levarht.com for more information.