Dosatron International, Inc. introduces HM Digital handheld Meters and Testers to the Dilution Solutions product line.
These handheld meters and testers, in both professional and economy lines, will increase the efficiency of your mineral nutrient water tests for readings you can trust. If you are measuring for Electrical Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and temperature or Potential of Hydrogen (pH) and temperature, these reliable, waterproof meters are ideal and easy to use.
“We are excited to offer portable, high quality meters that are precise, long lasting and affordable for our customers,” explains Lela Kelly, Dosatron’s Vice President. “They are the perfect complement to the Dosatron injectors for measuring pH and EC.”
HM Digitial Meters & Testers are available where Dosatron injectors are sold. For more information contact Dosatron International’s world-class customer service department at 800-523-8499, or visit the Dosatron International website at