Benfried's stone wool brands under the name of Multigrow and Speedgrow are exclusively available for North America with McConkey Co. Sumner WA, as of November 2015. "With a growing demand for quality growing media we felt the need for an exclusive marketing and sales organization in North America that would bring structure to this development," explains Fred van Veldhoven of Benfried International. 

"The McConkey Co. brought all the right qualifications and skills to the table and turned out to be a perfect match for us." For McConkey it was an obvious choice to choose for Benfried's stone wool products. Dave Edenfield, Sales and Business Development Manager at McConkey Co., continues: "High quality artificial growing media is becoming essential for many reasons with professional hydroponic growers. One of them being the reason to be able to control and steer the crop exactly the way a grower wants and to save on water supply.

Precision irrigation and recycling return water is part of the answer to today's water shortages, effecting large parts of the US. With Benfried's quality stone wool brands this is possible and therefore also part of the solution. In this way we want to expand and fill in the needs of modern growers throughout the US and Canada".

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