The German cucumber season is nearing its end. This is also becoming noticeable on the German wholesale markets. Daniel Schury is CEO of Franz Schmitt GmbH & Co. KG on the Munich wholesale market, and he explains: "The offer of German, Belgian and Dutch cucumbers is currently diminishing noticeably. The imported goods are increasingly present."

Daniel Schury, CEO of FRANZ SCHMITT GMBH & CO . KG

The cucumbers are currently being imported from Spain and Greece. however, the inflows from the Mediterranean are not too lush in terms of quantity. "The supply has currently reduced somewhat," says the wholesale trader. "The offering from Spain is not all that large yet, and the Greek offers still have a lot of room for improvement.

However, the reduced offer does not reduce the steady demand for cucumbers. "Demand has been good thus far," the CEO reports. "The prices also show a rising tendency."

This is confirmed by the current market- and price study from BLE (see tables below). Generally, a price increase can be made out of all size categories. Price decreases are only recognizable with large cucumbers.

Source: BLE

The firm Franz Schmitt represents the Gartenbauzentrale Main-Donau eG on the Munich wholesale market. The wholesale trading company has been based on the wholesale market since 1970, and has specialized mostly in the trade of German vegetables. Through a mixture of exciting know-how and fresh ideas, the team of Franz Schmitt attempts to keep fulfilling the wishes of every customer.

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