Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) has prepared an amended version of the Horticulture Code of Conduct which it believes holds the answers to establishing a fairer and more balanced trading system in Australia.

As part of its detailed submission on the Code review, FMA provided a marked-up version of the Code which included some revisions, some deletions and some additions.

FMA executive Director Andrew Young said the organisation wanted to demonstrate to growers, its own wholesaler/trader members and the review panel that it had conducted a thorough review of the Code and had a positive alternative.

“As part of our activity around the Code review, FMA has been meeting with federal and state politicians across Australia to table our amended Code and discuss the issues which we say must be addressed to ensure a more equitable structure for growers and traders,” Mr Young said.

“We have now also contacted grower organisations around the country to offer face-to-face briefings on our proposed Code to see if we can reach common ground on the desired outcomes.

“FMA expects to meet with a range of grower organisations over the next few weeks as we await the tabling of the review panel’s report to the federal government, due in November.”

Mr Young said that while the FMA may remain critical of the activities and statements of some grower organisations, it was committed to working with growers and their representatives to establish a better Code.

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