A total of 10 boilers are needed to heat the 86 acre greenhouse operation of Ontario bell pepper grower Greenhill Produce. The boilers have been installed by Vulcan Greenhouse Technology in cooperation with South Essex Fabricating.

"The 10 boilers have a capacity of 8.14 Mw each," explained Patrick Voortman of Vulcan Greenhouse Technology, a full service company specialized in the greenhouse heating sector. His company takes care of the installation and service of the boilers that have been supplied by TK Topboiler from Dutchman Theo Kleiweg.

Patrick Voortman of Vulcan Greenhouse Technology in front of one of the TK Topboilers at Greenhill Produce.

High tech greenhouse grower Greenhill Produce in Thamesville, Ontario, was founded by the Geertsema family in 2001, and since the beginning, they have specialized in growing red, yellow, and orange hydroponic sweet bell peppers. Using some of the most advanced growing technology, peppers are picked fresh and packed daily, ensuring that the freshest produce possible is available.

The peppers are grown naturally in a carefully controlled greenhouse environment, and the peppers are hand-picked. Greenhill Produce peppers are natural, vine-ripened vegetables.

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