Koppert Biological Systems in the Netherlands and Alyaseen Agri of Saudi Arabia, have signed a cooperation agreement consolidating their long-term relationship. The agreement was signed on Friday, 23 October, after a 2-year successful market development in Saudi Arabia.

Integrated crop protection and sustainable cultivation needs are to be available to all growers in the region within a few years. The objective is to encourage sustainable farming practices and promote a culture of safe farming methods that can support the government’s food safety and food security initiatives.

This is the ambitious objective of Alyaseen Agri. The company has already enjoyed considerable success with Koppert's bumblebees. It now hopes to benefit even more from Koppert’s know-how, innovative solutions and products.

Knowledge transfer and service have been the key elements for the successful collaboration so far. Alyaseen Agri will now also use this approach for the introduction of natural enemies and other Koppert products.

Koppert’s advanced biological solutions, together with training and after sales support, will help to bring new innovations for natural pollination, pest management, soil and seed treatment to both indoor and outdoor horticulture.

‘The demand for Koppert's systems and solutions is certain to grow. They have proven to be economical and effective on all farms. The mutual commitment between Koppert and Alyaseen Agri is great. Together we can offer Saudi growers great assistance,' says Sadek Al-Ramadan, CEO of Alyaseen Agri.

Koppert’s Managing Director, Henri Oosthoek, says: Koppert's leading innovative biological products and technologies will improve crop health and yields in Saudi Arabia. ‘Our rapid growth in all world regions is supported by dedicated and integrated structures through top level partnerships. We are delighted to work more closely with Alyaseen Agri in the future.’

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