The German City of Hamburg has to compensate the Spanish organic cucumber grower and distributor Frunet. The City of Hamburg blamed the grower Frunet as being the cause of the E.coli disease in Hamburg in May 2011. Finally, after years of trials, the Courtof Hamburg, Germany has decided in favor of Frunet with their claim against theCity of Hamburg.

The Court has decided that naming Frunet was wrong and that Frunet is to be compensated by the City of Hamburg for their economical as well as image losses. "The amount that is to be compensated will be under further investigation and to be determined by the court in the near future," said Frunet's Antonio Lavao.

Mr Lavao furthermore thanked their customers for their help and trust in this matter. "We are happy that after 4,5 years the Court has come to this decision," he stated in a reaction.