The dumping tax for Dutch bell peppers on the Canadian market will not be extended another five years. The verdict was announced by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT). Since October 2010 Dutch bell peppers exported to Canada were being taxed 193% of the value of the imported goods after Canadian growers, out of fear of a threat to local production, filed a case regarding the dumping of Dutch bell peppers on the Canadian market in 2009, which was an extremely bad bell pepper year. 

Inge Ribbens from Groenten Fruit Huis (Fresh Produce Center) is pleased with the ruling, "The ruling is a reward for the concerned exporters and for the Fresh Produce Center because a lot of effort was put into this case. Five years ago the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) ruled that no damage from past dumping had emerged, but they did say that there was a risk of future damage. In recent years the Dutch bell pepper growing area has shrunk, while Canadian bell pepper acreage, and the Mexican summer crops, have grown. This was of course in our favor."

"The ruling is too late for the Dutch bell pepper season, but the 'dumping tax' also applied to Spanish and Israeli bell peppers that were sent through the Netherlands, so this is where Dutch exporters can benefit," says Inge. CITT will announce the corresponding 'statement of reasons' for the ruling at the end of the month. Canadian growers can still appeal the ruling if they so choose.