Mucci Farms was recognized last week at the Leamington Chamber of Commerce - Business Excellence Awards Banquet. The company given the ‘Invest in a World Class Workforce’ award, sponsored by Workforce Windsor Essex.

The 'Invest in a World Class Work Force' award recognizes businesses, organizations or associations who are leaders and are preparing for future opportunities by anticipating change in the marketplace. They invest in skill development & training, provide career growth opportunities and model lifelong learning. The criteria measures the extent and quality of the skill development opportunities, achievements of the organizations attributed to training, participation and activities such as; co-op, mentorships and apprenticeships, and the make exceptional commitment to equality and diversity in the workforce.

"We are fortunate that Mucci Farms’ owners recognize the need for a continual investment in the growth and development of our workforce," said Emily Murracas, Marketing Manager at Mucci International.
"This along with continuous improvement initiatives, innovation, brand development and technological advancements creates a dynamic environment where our employees can thrive while contributing to the success of our overall company." shared Carol Bendo, Human Resource Manager.

"Our community is home to many world class companies and we are esteemed and honoured to be recognized in this category." concludes Emily.

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Mucci International Marketing
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