“The Swiss tomato trade is properly supplied,” explains Matija Nuic of the Swiss vegetable farmers association (VSGP). “In the summer months the Swiss production usually can cover the demand. Partly influenced by the weather, import isn’t necessary. However the growth potential for vine and round tomatoes is low.”

Just as in Germany tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetable in Switzerland. “Tomatoes are in second place just behind carrots for the Swiss customers,” continues Nuic, “The demand for Swiss tomatoes is high and the Swiss grown products are often sold on the domestic market.” 

The majority of the Swiss tomatoes are grown in greenhouses or tunnels, tells Nuic. “The Swiss produce is usually available until the end of October or the beginning of November. And that will be the same this year.” 

“Thankfully most customers choose Swiss produce,” explains Nuic with expertise, “In the beginning and at the end of the season the demand can’t be covered completely with Swiss grown products. In the mentioned periods the offers should be expanded with imported products. It is clear that the cost of production in Switzerland is higher than in other countries. That causes, for our farmers, a certain pressure on the price.”

Matija Nuic
Verband Schweizer Gemüseproduzenten
Belpstrasse 26, 3007 Bern
Tel: 031 385 36 20031 385 36 20
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