The natural vegetable that is revolutionizing Europe thanks to its extraordinary flavour, versatility in the kitchen and nutritional properties, participates in Fruit Attraction. The 7th edition of the Spanish international fruit and vegetable trade show takes place in Madrid from the 28th to the 30th of October.

Flower Sprout® exhibits again at the booth of Tozer SeedsTM (7C12D), the British vegetable seed house that after 15 years of hard work and dedication, and following traditional breeding techniques, developed this new vegetable, a hybrid between Brussels sprout and kale. The aim of its participation is not only to introduce the product into the Spanish market but also to present it to the whole professional sector who attend Spain’s major fruit and vegetable event.

This innovative product will take advantage of the platform to show the visitors its nutritional values, great flavour and cooking possibilities with a show-cooking at Fruit Fusion. Ms. María Ayora, a vegetarian cooking specialist, will carry out the demonstration on the 29th of October at 5pm at Fruit Fusion, between halls 8 and 10. With this event the attendees will discover the multiple properties that make Flower Sprout® one of the vegetables with the greatest potential within the European markets.

“Last year we dedicated a place on our stand to Flower Sprout® but, on this occasion, we are eager to give a greater role to the product as it’s experiencing an expansion in Europe. Flower Sprout® has received a fantastic welcome in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands or Germany, among others. In UK the product is well-known as has been available on the shelves of the main retail chains since 2010,” says Robin Bartels, Marketing and Sales Manager at Tozer SeedsTM. The British company has also set its sights on the Mediterranean countries. Tozer SeedsTM is carrying out trials at its facilities in Murcia with a view to making Flower Sprout® available in these markets in the near future.

Flower Sprout®’s participation at Fruit Attraction coincides with the start of the 2015-2016 season, as this new vegetable can be found on supermarkets shelves from the end of October until March.

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