Ejidomar SCA celebrated its 40th anniversary together with all its associated growers, from veterans who have been in the cooperative for 30 years to those who only joined recently. The event was organised by the Governing Board to commemorate the achievement of this landmark, testament to the great development of Ejidomar over the course of these four decades and its current stability and solid basis for the future. 

The celebration started at 14:00 with a great meal held at Ejidomar's facilities in El Ejido, prepared for all members and their families. Then there was a tribute to the members and children of members who have been in the cooperative for more than 30 years and have been an example for the present and the future of Ejidomar. "Ejidomar's history shows us the development of Almeria's agriculture over the past 40 years, and this story has been written by these growers and their children and families, who we have wanted to honour today, because they were the real drivers of growth in the sector. Moreover, those members who were there when our cooperative started have managed to convey the importance of agriculture to their children, motivating them to continue with the activity, thus resulting in generational change, which is so important for the future of our industry," said José Antonio Baños, president of Ejidomar.

The growers who received a commemorative plaque for being with Ejidomar for more than 30 years were:
  • Fructuoso Moreno, Manuel
  • Manzano Cortés, Serafín
  • Lucas Acién, Gracián
  • Maldonado Cortés, Antonio
  • Martín Ortega, Simón
  • Santiago Fernández, Andrés
  • Maldonado Villegas, Antonio
  • Fernández Villegas, Fernando
  • Ruiz Salinas, Antonio
  • González López, José Ramón
  • Cervilla Salinas, Francisco 

The second generation of growers and their families who also received a commemorative plaque were:
  • Family Campoy López
  • Family López López
  • Family Rodríguez Morón
  • Family Gómez Ruiz
  • Family Valero Torres
  • Family Salas Lozano
  • Family Ortega Bosquet
  • Family Ruiz Rodríguez
  • Family Cervilla Romera
  • Family Madrid Arana
  • Family Enrique González
  • Family Fernández Rodríguez 

Ejidomar's figures
Ejidomar has 140 members with a total of 350 hectares, where they cultivate different pepper varieties, such as bell peppers, the Palermo or the Sweet Bite; Dutch cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines, watermelons and melons. Last season they sold 36 million kilos. The main markets where it operates are Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, the U.S., Canada, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and England.