Idyl is positioning itself on the easy snacking market and is developing a new range of “on the go” packaging. The company is following this trend this year with its mixed Cherry Tomatoes.

With a range of customised shakers, that will be on the shelves during the 2015/2016 campaign, Idyl is encouraging consumers to combine their busy lifestyles with healthy snacking, leading to a balanced diet.

The first Medley shaker of the season displays a new design with coloured graphics. Medley, under the Idyl umbrella, is dedicated to the mixed cherry tomatoes offer.

The Medley shaker, with a re-usable lid, is convenient to carry everywhere and allows the consumer to wash the product in the packaging.

With its practical size, the stackable Medley shaker preserves the flavour of small fruit and offers a longer shelf life. With a mix of colours and flavours, the Medley shaker brings a touch of colour and originality to the fruit and vegetable shelf, which the company is hoping will appeal to today's customers.

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