In 2016, European producers will benefit from European Union programs worth 111 million euros to explore new markets and promote consumption inside and outside the European Union. The program for 2016 focuses on a selected number of countries whose growth potential is the greatest, particularly in the sectors with an especially difficult market situation, such as dairy and pork.

"Enjoy, it's from Europe', the new promotional policy that the European Commission has adopted, will help the agricultural sector to break into international markets or strengthen their position in those markets. It will also make European consumers more aware of all the efforts of the European farmers. To achieve this goal, the European Commission will make more resources available, increase the co-financing rate and reduce the administrative burden for project approval. This is part of efforts to gradually increase the funds available for promotional activities from 61 million euros in 2013 to 200 million in 2019.

According to the new rules, the percentages for co-financing by the European Union will also increase from 50% to 70-80% and to 85% for Greece and Cyprus). At the same time, the national co-financing will disappear, creating a level playing field for all Member States. The procedure for the selection of projects will be much less bureaucratic, which will facilitate the submission of an application.

For a list of the measures, see the European Commission website.

Source: European Commission