Last week, Yara's CEO Svein Tore Holsether visited Dutch tomato grower Sublimato in Terneuzen. The growers at Sublimato have connected their greenhouses to a special energy network that transports residual heat and CO2 from Yara's factory. Yara's CEO said the initiative is a good example of clever entrepreneurship and creating sustainable relationships.

Grower Bas van Adrichem of Sublimato is pleased with the connectuion to the energy network which is called WarmCO2. "WarmCO2 supplies us both CO2 and heat, we do not have to worry about our boilers or CHP installation. We do have a natural gas boiler, but that is just as a back up in case of emergency.

The prices for CO2 and heat from WarmCO2 are fixed for fifteen years. "With fluctuating prices, that seems not always an advantage," acknowledges Jenny Crone of WarmCO2. "But after a few years you see that it is not only more sustainable, but also financially very interesting. For growers this is important. In any case their energy costs are fifty percent lower. Everything is fixed. Only the price of the tomatoes varies."