Koppert Biological Systems has developed a biostimulant for arable crops. The product will be officially launched today during an international seminar on the benefits of microbials in seed treatment and crop growth. The product contains a mix of plant growth promoting micro-organisms. The application of Panoramix results in yield increase and increased nutritional value, even at lower fertilization rates.

Koppert has developed Panoramix (a concentrated liquid seed dressing) especially for large, arable crops, such as maize and wheat. The product contains a mix of plant growth promoting micro-organisms that are beneficial for the crop. These protect the seeds, strengthen the seedling and promote growth and development of the root system, and the fully grown crop.

A stronger crop, greater yields

Panoramix promotes the crop's growth and makes the plant less susceptible to abiotic stress. A treatment with Panoramix gives rise to a stronger and healthier crop, which is more resistant to drought and disease and - most importantly - much more productive. Rick van der Pas, product manager, explains, 'Large yield increases have been measured in wheat and maize. The product soon pays for itself, thanks to all the extra kilograms harvested. Seeds treated with Panoramix also show better plant emergence, resulting in reduced additional sowing costs. The product also helps growers to make their production more sustainable. The crop is less susceptible to diseases, so it requires fewer chemical crop protection products.'

Tailor made

Panoramix contains a mix of micro-organisms and other substances, including the fungi Trichoderma sp. and Endomycorrhiza, the bacteria Bacillus sp., vitamins, fulvic acids, and extracts from algae and vegetable oil.

'Panoramix is an excellent addition to our range of natural products that contribute to more sustainable production,' says Rick van der Pas. 'The product is completely natural and safe for humans and the environment.'

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