As it continues to dominate the horticultural LED grow light industry, Illumitex, Inc. announces the hiring of two top-notch horticultural experts.

Rebecca A. Knight, Ph.D., is an environmentally minded scientist and engineer who will head up Illumitex’s Research & Development team. Theo van de Sande will share 30 years of greenhouse growing experience in his new position as Senior Horticulture Consultant.

An accomplished academic, Knight brings a doctorate in plant biology, an M.S. in agricultural and biological engineering, a B.S. in chemical engineering and a B.A. in Japanese to her new role at Illumitex. She’ll combine her real-world consultancy experience with her classroom learnings to help Illumitex continue to innovate specialized LED grow lights for a variety of horiticultural lighting applications.

Rebecca A. Knight and Theo van de Sande

Dutch native van de Sande brings an expertise in hydroponic applications with a focus in substrate utilization, as well as experience in crop and varietal selection. He will work with Illumitex customers to optimize their greenhouse operations using LED technology, developing low-cost, high-production methods specific to each operation.

“As team members go, these two are the cream of the crop,” says Paul Gray, Illumitex VP Horticulture Lighting Solutions and Senior Horticulture Scientist. “As we grow and our reputation spreads, Illumitex continues to be a place where the best and the brightest want to work. In their respective disciplines, Rebecca and Theo each bring an unparalleled skill set to our organization.”

The new team members join a crew of horticulture scientists and sales experts who are helping contained environment growers bring local, sustainable, healthy and delicious food and medicinal products to communities around the world.

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