Illumitex Inc. announced it has launched a new division to further its mission of helping indoor growers become more profitable. The new service, entitled Hortitecture Lighting Solutions, offers beginning-to-end consultation from Illumitex’s team of world-class plant scientists. The team of experts will serve as both off- and on-site advisors where they will provide growers with the knowledge necessary to achieve maximum yield while saving energy. By decreasing the time required for research and testing by individual farmers, Hortitecture dramatically reduces the average 12-18 months farmers need to get a farm to operating capacity, allowing growers to achieve profitability faster.

“Even the savviest growers need guidance to achieve the best practices in the emerging field of indoor growing,” said Paul Hardej, VP of Hortitecture Solutions at Illumitex. “Recognizing this need was our inspiration for offering a service that will guide customers through every step of the growing process using LED lighting — from planning to implementation. We will design individualized solutions for clients in multiple horticulture sectors, ensuring maximized commodity production, above and beyond the typical services provided by other LED lighting companies.”

The team of top plant scientists (aka the Green Genius squad) includes: Rebecca Knight, Ph.D., who was recently brought in to head up horticulture lighting R&D, Paul Gray, Senior Plant Scientist, and Paul Hardej, VP of Hortitecture Solutions. This team will work with lighting customers on early stage planning, design consultation throughout the project process, electrical system design, custom lighting fixture design and manufacturing and customer lighting controls design and implementation. Together, these services can drive profitability for indoor growers by reducing time to market by establishing the right “light recipe” from the beginning.

Hortitecture also aids customers with cost-reduction services, including grants, rebates and financing. These services allow customers to retain more of their capital to deploy across other areas of their business. 

“Throughout the explatory process, we received great support from the Illumitex team,” says Ben Swan, co-founder of Singapore-based vertical farm Sustenir. “Illumitex provides a wealth of knowledge regarding every aspect of urban farming.” 

Available now, the Hortitecture Solution is built to complement Illumitex’s line of innovative LED products developed for indoor growing. The company’s unique lighting technology allows precise management of controlled environments, as well as maximized crop production and profits through consistent yields, improved plant mass and significant energy savings. This technology delivers highly active photosynthetic radiation to the canopy. It was designed to be the sole source of light for a variety of horticultural situations. Some of the company’s current customers include: FarmedHere, Sustenir, Green Life Productions, Green Spirit Farms and LivWell.

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