Do you like going straight to the point? Then this must appeal to you: Van der Valk's KLI-MAX screen system range is being expanded with a new version, the KLI-MAX Slide. Along with effortless opening and closing of the screen sheet, it does not deviate from its goal and always arrives precisely in front of the reversing pulley. 

The KLI-MAX Slide:

* Prevents tension in the screen drive
* Shortens the installation time (dilatation axes are now
* Requires little maintenance.

Why choose the KLI-MAX Slide

The larger the greenhouse, the greater the expansion and shrinkage of the aluminium screen profiles. This leads to the KLI-MAX systems no longer arriving precisely in front of the reversing pulley. When opening and closing the screen, tension can develop in the drive.

What was the solution?

Coupling the screen profiles with dilatation sets at the terminal sections.

What is the new solution?

The KLI-MAX Slide works in the same manner as the standard KLI-MAX, but it can 'shift' in the profile. This allows it to compensate for expansion and contraction of the profile to end up right at the reversing pulley, without creating tension in the drive. Installing dilatation axes in the profile at the terminal sections becomes superfluous as a result. That saves time and money.

The power of KLI-MAX

The KLI-MAX system calims to save energy and increases the amount of light. With its 3, 6 or 9 kilo of resistance, it is one of the most powerful of its kind and easily compensates for the expansion and contraction of the greenhouse by ensuring a strong seal of your screen throughout.

4 Million sold worldwide!

There are various versions of the KLI-MAX available: the standard KLI-MAX, the KLI-MAX for the XL-Driveline (with anodised aluminium tube), the KLI-MAX for attaching to a 19 tube, and the newly developed KLI-MAX Slide.

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