After August, business was good in the tomato market. According to Rony de Ceuster of Compra in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, prices have been decent. "The past months, price levels ranged from 1 euro to 1.30." He notes that on October 12, there were extraordinarily few tomatoes at the BelOrta auction. "That applies to both vine and individual tomatoes. I think it's a coincidence, and that supplies were just a bit lower this weekend. There will probably be more produce again on Wednesday."

Domestic supply down
When it comes to greenhouse vegetables in general, it's currently a quiet period. "The weather is colder, and we're in the middle of the seasonal change. The supply from our own production will gradually decrease in the coming weeks. Spain is ready. The transition to greenhouse vegetables like bell pepper, cucumber and eggplant is in full swing."

Rony notes that the prices for these vegetables are also decent. "Rather large volumes are already coming this way, which causes pressure. Eggplants are still on the low side." He notes that in Belgium, not many shipments are coming in from Morocco yet. "Some Moroccan produce is coming in through Spain, but that's marginal. Some smaller foreign retailers are buying some shipments, but that doesn't always occur directly."

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