In the year of the Expo Milano 2015, which is entirely dedicated to food and nutrition, “safe food” becomes an especially important issue.

“Developing countries are finally improving their nutrition and standard of living, and rich countries are increasingly interested in healthy and safe food that is pesticide free,” observes Paolo Arrigoni (in the photo), managing director of the namesake company producing long-lasting and high-resistance netting. Our food choices can therefore have a significant impact on the health of our planet, making sustainability an essential element.

Agri fabric on salad.

"Sustainable food is grown ethically and with responsibility towards the environment. Arrigoni’s research has the objective of developing high-quality agrotextiles that improve cultivating conditions in order to grow more produce using less water and pesticides. This is made possible by employing the latest high-tech agrotextiles.”

To fully comprehend the usefulness of agrotextiles and their evolution, it is necessary to know their history. The first nets were developed in the 1960s to protect crops against hail, wind and sun. Between 2000 and 2010, they also started to be used against insects. Now it is the beginning of a third phase which will triple the need for nets over the next five years to protect the crops against hail and to grow “safe” – i.e. ethical and sustainable – food.

Arricover on salad.

"Agrotextiles are used in fruit cultivation to protect the orchards against hail and insects. When they are used on vegetables, those in greenhouses and polytunnles are employed for biological control whereas those in open fields combine anti-insect with anti-frost functions.”

“Depending on the type of crop, cultivation methods under nets lead to a reduced need for pesticides and water, healthier plants, improved protection against the weather and a better productivity.”

Fructus in grapevines.

The most popular agrotextiles developed by Arrigoni, which are distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, are Fructus against hail and for climatic control; Biorete, used on protected crops against insects; Biofield, biological control nets used on open fields; Agri, shading nets, and Arricover, multifunctional screen to protect open-field crops.

They can be used on a large number of crops - table and wine grapes, red chicory, leek and onions, potatoes, salad, carrots and cabbage, beetroot, bananas, watermelons and melons, pineapples, apples and pears, tomatoes and peppers, strawberries and soft fruit.

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