After years of developing and testing HerkuPlast, (based in Germany and Holland) introduces 2 new models for production of phalaenopsis/orchids. The trays come in different thicknesses and colours as a 45 and a 60 cell tray with danish size (310 x 530 mm.).

The trays have special features that allow for the best root results when used with glueplugs from different producers.

Among these features are; 
- air chambers at the base to allow for space for roots to develop
- different colours e.g. transparent and black
- special cross base
- air ventilation and drainage holes that also allow the use of push-out plates
- special labelling of plant producers' name on the side of the tray
- label holders that allow for labels on top of the tray
- large amount of trays on a tray thanks to small stacking lugs
- very smooth surface to allow for easy removal of rooted plants

Free samples and more info
Alfred Boot