Under the intriguing title ‘The Grower Files’, Priva is launching a new video section on its website, in which notable national and international growers will outline their vision of topical issues in (greenhouse) horticulture. In these video messages ‘by growers for growers’, the entrepreneurs will also give an interesting insight into their business philosophy. The series will start in October with four short videos starring Frank van Kleef of Royal Pride.

The intention is that ‘The Grower Files’ will be concise, powerful, but above all thought-provoking and inspiring. Each time, a topical subject facing the horticulture industry will be discussed. Text on the website will support the various visual reports. The videos will each be around a minute and a half long. Keeping the video reports short and clear means there will be no obstacles to watching each new episode of ‘The Grower Files’. In this way, Priva aims to reach the widest audience possible.
Sharing knowledge – that is what ‘The Grower Files’ are all about. The emphasis will be primarily on entrepreneurship and less on crops and growing techniques. It is Priva’s intention to bring the vision, approach and thinking of various entrepreneurs into sharp focus. What makes a grower in the horticulture industry a leading entrepreneur? Answering that question will yield some interesting video messages that other growers will undoubtedly learn from. Priva’s goal, naturally, is for ‘The Grower Files’ to become universally well-known in the industry, a must-see for entrepreneurs, who won’t want to miss a single episode.
The series opens with tomato grower Frank van Kleef of Royal Pride Holland. In four different videos he will be addressing the following themes: Internationalisation, Energy Management, Water Management and Climate Management.

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