Connected leading Dutch and Saudi horticultural companies, with complementary strengths and knowledge, have formed a new consortium: Desert Growing. Desert Growing delivers turnkey greenhouse projects for the entire Middle East. From greenhouses and process automation, to screens and systems for irrigation, renewable energy, cooling and heating. The aim is to provide built-to-suit solutions for growers in the Middle East to achieve high quality production with maximum crop yields, while using a minimum of water, energy and nutrients.

Growers in the Middle East face great challenges in producing high quality vegetables. Besides water scarcity and drought, the extreme weather conditions make cultivation difficult. This increases the demand for smart technology and knowledge rapidly. For this reason Dutch and Saudi horticultural companies have set up Desert Growing. Growers are supplied with all components for their greenhouse that are aligned with local circumstances, such as irrigation and climate. Comprehensive support and training on sustainable production methods to ensure food safety and security are performed according to local needs. This allows Desert Growing to effectively boost up a sustainable development of the Middle Eastern horticulture industry.


Desert Growing

Desert Growing consists of leading vegetable producer Saudi Greenhouse Management Group, greenhouse constructor Prins Group, installer Stolze and automation supplier Hoogendoorn Growth Management. With over 30 years of experience, these companies complement each other in the areas of technology and knowledge. Desert Growing is continuously looking for innovations that are suitable for the climate in the Middle East. By combining strengths on irrigation, renewable energy, cooling, heating and greenhouse automation, customized projects can be well implemented.


Reference projects

Current projects, which are under construction, are situated in the Riyadh area, Saudi Arabia. One of the projects (7.5 ha) includes a closed greenhouse system with cooling through climate cabins, a screen installation, a Pad and Fan system and the iSii process computer. Another project (8 ha) is a traditional Venlo greenhouse with a fully glazed roof glass. Moreover, this greenhouse is also equipped with a Pad & Fan cooling system, process automation and screen installation. Both greenhouse projects will be in operation in 2015. Furthermore, a high tech glass greenhouse of 10 ha is being built at the moment in Al-Quassim, which will be in operation in 2016.

Meet Desert Growing at Saudi Agrofood

Desert Growing will be present at the Saudi Agrofood tradeshow from the 11th until the 14th of October. Saudi Agrofood is the Middle East’s largest agriculture exhibition where the latest agricultural products, services and equipment are presented. Visit Desert Growing at stand number 614-1.

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