The supply of Spanish cucumbers is increasing at the moment and the price level of the Dutch cucumber is collapsing as a result. "The contract season ends in this period. Traditionally many retailers in Germany and the Netherlands then switch to Spanish cucumbers," concludes a spokesperson for sales organisation Kompany, one of the largest sales organisations in Europe.

In general the Spanish supply start a few weeks late. Last year Spain had bad November and December months, in contrast to October, when there were good prices. This year a lot of Spaniards are once again betting on a good October and a lot of cucumbers are coming from Motril, which in previous years came into production at the end of October, but this year, two weeks earlier.

"We have to wait and see what will come, but normally we have a few difficult weeks ahead of us," continues the salesman. "It was necessary for the growers to make money this year. Compared to 2014 it was a good year, compared to 2013 a better year, but there is no celebrating yet."

Traditionally a number of Kompany growers switch to tomato cultivation in the autumn, which means the cooperation also offers autumn tomatoes from the start of November to the end of January. "The area of autumn tomatoes has decreased nationally and halved in Kompany. It's difficult to give an estimate for the short period in which the autumn tomatoes are on the market. It is a case of organising the quality and then making sure that we can make some extra money."