Agratech Farms' vision is to develop and educate the next generation throughout the globe with relevant hydroponic farming knowledge, and to this end, the company is expanding its hydroponic farming operations in Portugal.

Agratech Farms is a multinational company and aims to become one of the largest operators of hydroponic farms in the GCC and Europe. Keeping in line with this goal, Agratech is expanding its hydroponic farming operations in Portugal.

With Agratech's vision to develop and educate the next generation throughout the globe with relevant hydroponic farming and agricultural knowledge, based in Dubai UAE, they have already established firm bases of operation in Hong Kong, the capital of Romania, Madrid in Spain, and Lisbon in Portugal.

The company plans to expand its hydroponic farming operations in Portugal, the new facilities are geographically located on the outskirts of Lisbon. They intend to add another 20,000 square meters to the site and build 470 hydroponic A-frames. The company has 16 acres of land on the outskirts of Lisbon, zoned solely for hydroponic farming. This is a huge step forward for Agratech Farms as each new facility only adds to the success they are well on their way towards.

Agratech Farms is the first company to invest in vertical farming hydroponics in the Portuguese farming market. The possibility of the plant growing vertically is new to the locals and is rapidly becoming all the rage in the industry. Having successfully built a series of hydroponic farms in the Middle East, and adapting the system to the harsh climate, Agratech's team have developed a system in Portugal that allows for zero downtime in the cold winter months.

The A-frame hydroponic system used at Lisbon site perfectly demonstrates how hydroponic farming facilities can maximize the number of plants that can be grown in limited space, without the need of soil. The setup utilizes high-tech farming practices and allows a crop output of circa 7 tons of fresh produce per A-frame. A computer brain monitors the climate inside of the greenhouse and adjusts the ambient temperature, CO2 levels and humidity according to the crop.

The fact of the matter is that this A-frame system has revolutionized how plants are grown. Compared to traditional farms, hydroponic systems use 90% less water, substantially cutting down on the wastage. Plants grown in these A-frames grow throughout the year, made possible with state of the art plant heating and cooling technologies in this vertical growing method.

Agratech Farms is also the proud creator of healthy, fresh, hydroponically grown produce. Their belief is that one should know exactly what they are eating and where it has came from. For this purpose, the company describes the journey of the produce that is consumed in the form of a short story, starting from where it was planted and finally to how it became available for you to purchase. This provides their consumers with unparalleled food security.

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