Agricultural suppliers QEP Holland and HSI BV have started a sales partnership. These two ambitious companies have found an unique opportunity to add value to their services by combining their expertise. By doing this they can be of even better service to their clientele.
QEP Holland and HSI BV are important players in the international horticultural and agricultural industry. QEP Holland specializes in developing technical equipment for greenhouses and the fruit cultivation industry, agriculture storage and product processing and HSI excels in technological knowledge about growing, logistics and sales in the industry.
By joining forces and combining their vast experience, QEP Holland and HSI BV aim to develop their agricultural and horticultural skills even further. Current clients will benefit from this collaboration as well as newcomers: they can all look forward to an even more flexible and efficient way of working.
The partnership will also give QEP and HSI the possibility to expand their networks while at the same time complementing each other so no opportunity will be lost.
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