Trademark watching ensures early detection of infringing brands. Therefore ABZ Seeds has recently signed an agreement with Knijff Trademark Attorneys to internationally protect its strawberry trademarks Delizz and Delizzimo.

The brand stands for a special selected Delizz strawberry plant in an attractive gift box. The consumer can grow Delizz strawberries easily at home. Delizzimo stands for an extremely delicious tasting strawberry, which can be produced locally in the greenhouse; in particular in the winter season. In the winter consumers can experience a summery sensation with Delizzimo strawberries.

Gé Bentvelsen of ABZ Seeds closes international brand monitoring with Trix Ockeloen and Nancy Kegener of Knijff and partners.

ABZ Seeds has the brands Delizz and Delizzimo worldwide registered in order to offer these market concepts exclusively to consumers. This exclusivity provides opportunities to create value for all partners throughout the product chain.

ABZ Seeds developed F1 hybrid varieties of strawberries for various applications. Taste is the leader in product development. The ABZ F1 hybrid varieties of strawberry are further distinguished from other varieties of strawberry because the plant material can be directly grown from seed.

Knijff Trademark Attorneys helps its customers to protect identity and originality of their brands. Knijff worked for more than 25 years for both multinationals and SMEs and knows the world of intellectual property law like no other.

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