Lima beans are the yellow variety of green beans. They are softer and have a sweeter taste. In the Netherlands, lima beans usually come in a jar or a can. In France, lima beans are more common, in fact they are eaten more than the green ones. FV SeleQT, legume and spice producer, is proud that they are able to widen their assortment to include these colorful beans. 

"After much testing on our farms and a careful selection procedure, we finally chose the right variety. There are many different varieties of lima beans, but we only want the best quality and the right color," says Annemiek van Zeijl. We grow the lima beans on our farms in Guatemala year-round. Starting in week 44 FV SeleQt will start offering the lima beans year-round.

Lima beans can be prepared in the same way green beans are. Both lima and green beans cannot be eaten raw. 

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