If you think Matt Damon’s character in his upcoming film “The Martian” is cool for growing food on Mars, then think again. This is not a Hollywood “special effect,” it is controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and how we on Earth will be growing food in the coming decades - and it’s already happening now. 

Do you want to learn more about the CEA industry? If you are interested in agriculture, agtech, cleantech, environmental issues, clean energy, renewable energy, and food sustainability and resilience, either as an investor, a future career, or you simply want to integrate CEA into your portfolio, you will benefit from attending AGROWN’s AgTech Investing Conference.

AGROWN has created a knowledge-filled two-day conference that would otherwise take weeks or even months to learn on your own. Presenters include Priva, BV CEO Meiny Prins, Director of CEAC at University of Arizona Dr. Gene Giacomelli, NASA scientist Dr. Jay Famiglietti, and USMC Ret Col. Mark Mykleby, who co-authored the Grand Strategy for United States Sustainability for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where it was recognized that food security is national security.

AGROWN CEO Dr. Sue Raftery stated, “Bringing together the best team to provide our attendees with knowledge they can put into action has been the goal for this CEA conference.”

At AGROWN’s recent event, which kicked off its CEA Research Center in Vermont, Nicholas Heymann of Wall Street’s William Blair and Company noted, “It will take a $1.75T investment to enable the US to become largely self-sufficient for its fresh vegetable and fruit requirements, which would expand high-paying jobs and related support sectors throughout the country.”

AGROWN’s Agtech Investing Conference will be held at the Ohio Agriculture Research and Development Center, Wooster, Ohio on Oct. 21-23, 2015. 

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