Plant health improvement is maintenance of plants for sustainable growth of biofuel feedstock and fungi. There are various agents such as symbionts, pathogens and biocontrol agents which can harm the growth of plants, dramatically affecting proper growth of plant species. Protection of plant health has become a major responsibility for the governments, growers, traders and general public. 

In recent eras quarantine measures (separate and restrict the movement of persons, nothing but state of enforced isolation) are taken to keep the foreign pests away from the area where they can cause damage to crops, trees and other plant species. Restriction of import and movement of plants and plant produce is one of the quarantine measures followed by the government and farmers. 

Various plant health improvement agents are used to improve the health quality of the crops, plants and other plant species. On the basis of their uses, the plant health improvement agents market can be bifurcated into synthetic fertilizers (nitrogen-based nutrients), micronutrients (Chelates) and plant growth regulators (minerals such as zinc, manganese and magnesium). Synthetic fertilizers have the largest market share for plant health improvement agents followed by micronutrients and plant health regulators.

North America has the largest market share for plant health improvement agents, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Asia-Pacific region is expected to become a threat for North America as a major market of plant health improvement agents. Asia-Pacific market is expected to witness double digit growth in the forecasted period owing to the technological advancement in the developing countries such as China and India. 

Increasing awareness about the importance of plant health paired with increasing horticulture knowledge is driving the global plant health improvement agents market. Additionally, rising healthcare costs coupled with healthier eating habits of the individual have increased demand for high value nutritious products such as proteins, nuts, vitamins and minerals. This is pushing the demand for plant health improvement agents use in horticulture. Also, farmers' needs to maximize their productivity yield per acre and to produce more with fewer resources are further increasing the demand of smart fertilizers, micronutrients and plant growth regulators. 

Some of the major companies operating in the global plant health improvement agents are Agrium Inc., ICL Fertilizers, The Mosaic Company., Yara International and Plant Health Care.

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