Dr. Chieri Kubota, along with the USDA SCRI Vegetable Grafting Technology Working Group, have successfully completed the first international vegetable grafting tour to Japan and Taiwan with 13 stakeholder members (seen in the picture above) from August 16 to August 22. The group was able to see multiple grafting facilities and take home valuable information that can be used here in the US.

Dr. Kubota and the USDA group will be hosting another International Grafting Trip to Italy and Israel in March of 2016. More information on these trips including cost, registration, and organizers can be found at: http://www.vegetablegrafting.org/wp/wp- content/uploads/2014/01/usda-scri-intl-grafting-field-trip-flyer- and-agenda-apr-15.pdf.

Please email any questions regarding the grafting field trips to Dr. Chieri Kubota at ckubota@email.arizona.edu.

This article was published in the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center newsletter.