Fortifying its commitment to green principles, LED lighting manufacturer Illumitex today announced the launch of its GreenTech PayBack program, which commits to providing $200 energy rebates on every NeoSol DS LED grow light sold, when 25 or more lights are ordered at once directly from Illumitex.

Long committed to helping customers save energy, Illumitex’s new program removes the burden of applying for energy rebates from the customer.

“Growers need to focus on growing. With GreenTech PayBack, our customers will get affordable, top-of-market LED lights, and our experts will take care of the paperwork to secure the rebates,” says Paul Hardej, Illumitex VP of Hortitecture™ Lighting Solutions.

Through October 31, customers needing 25 or more NeoSol DS fixtures can purchase them directly from Illumitex, who will work to secure energy rebates from local, state and federal sources.

Dozens of entities across the U.S. offer energy rebates for installation of energy-efficient LED lighting. Navigating the patchwork of programs available can be daunting at best and a nightmare at worst.

GreenTech PayBack removes that headache from Illumitex’s customers, while still getting growers the lights they need to grow their indoor crops.

The NeoSol DS grow light is Illumitex’s flagship fixture for commercial horticulture applications. The F3 spectrum delivered by its patented LEDs provides the precise light treatment required by plants for maximum photosynthetic and photomorphogenic activity.

Customers can purchase the light for $1399. Illumitex will apply for any available state, utility or otherwise generally available energy rebate programs on behalf of the customer within 60 days of the date of the customer’s purchase. Within 90 days of the products’ shipment date, the customer will receive a rebate from Illumitex of $200 per NeoSol DS LED grow light purchased.
Interested customers should email with “GreenTech PayBack” in the subject line.

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