On Monday 21 September the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, visited Enza Zaden during his working visit in the province of Noord-Holland. Together with the Commissioner of the King, Johan Remkes, he had a guided tour through the seed company.

From the company's labs the tour went to the research greenhouses. Here, breeders explained the general practices of the plant breeding process. "You've got a fantastic job," he mentioned to one of our plant breeders.

Moreover, an assortment of tomatoes, (sweet) peppers and cucumbers were exhibited to show the visitors the diversity in the different types and flavours of the vegetables.

Subsequently, the tour continued in the Seed Operations division where the Prime Minister was informed about seed production, seed processing and quality assurance. The tour finished in the commercial seed vault. The press was present here to take pictures and to ask the Prime Minister questions about this visit.

The Commissioner of the King indicated that Enza Zaden’s involvement in Seed Valley was one of the reasons for this visit. "Moreover, in this part of the province, people tend to be very modest. The Dutch government should know that Enza Zaden is such a global player in this field."

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