Since late August, Botrytis pressure in tomato cultivation increases. Lower light intensity, higher humidity and decreased resistance of older plants all contribute to the gray fungus having free range in the autumn. This, according to Bart Sosef of Biobest Netherlands, is the ideal time to deploy Prestop. "Prestop is an organic fungicide with a preventive effect against Botrytis, containing the beneficial fungus Gliocladium catenulatum J1446. By treating the stems with Prestop, the agent will be most effective against Botrytis, preventing Botrytis from penetrating the plant. In addition, Gliocladium will parasitize Botrytis and eradicate it through the production of specific enzymes."

Biobest recommends starting treatment with Prestop from late August to early September. "Spray the stems with a 0.5% suspension, and repeat the treatment every three weeks. The manifold effect of Prestop is not susceptible to resistance development and is an ideal agent to alternate with more resistance-sensitive chemicals." Prestop has no safety term and can be used until the harvest. "And it is perfectly safe for bees and beneficial insects."

Biobest has had Prestop tested extensively by growers: "The product was tested primarily in the cultivation of tomatoes, and results were good."

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