As you might have noticed, Panama is fully committed to develop its domestic food production with the help of controlled environment agriculture. As a result of this, the first advanced commerial greenhouse projects are being realized. Agricultural firm Popoyan Guatemala was recently involved in the realization of the first phase of a new greenhouse operation in Bajo Mono, a province that is 1.641 meters above sea level.

This greenhouse of "De Boquete" is the first phase of three. "The greenhouse is a so called Coral Azrom structure, a type of greenhouse design that is specifically designed for growing in a tropical climate," said Marcos De La Victoria, a representative of Popoyan.


De La Victoria furthermore told us that the greenhouse is equipped with Priva automation and controls, and will be operated by growers that are trained by special crop advisors of Popoyan. The company will also provide further technical assistance to the project.