Vegetable growers, market farmers and home gardeners agree: The new cherry-sized tomato Chocolate Sprinkles from PanAmerican Seed is outstanding, with a unique look and full-bodied tomato flavor. In trial locations across the country, feedback is positive on many levels: looks, taste and plant performance.

“We sent plant samples to PanAmerican Seed customers, fresh market farmers and even home gardeners – everyone is raving about Chocolate Sprinkles’ flavor,” says Josh Kirschenbaum, vegetable sales account manager for PanAmerican Seed. “There is definitely some excitement around this introduction. Chocolate Sprinkles has already been picked up by mail-order catalogs and retail plant programs for spring 2016.”

The fruit’s red color with dark green overlay/striping gives it its “chocolaty” appearance – a unique look for eating fresh or incorporating into summer dishes. The indeterminate plants continue to produce firm, crack-resistant fruit all season for a long harvest window. In addition, Chocolate Sprinkles offers higher disease resistance than similar striped cherry varieties (Fusarium Race 1, Nematodes, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus).

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