Hort Americas is pleased to announce the release of its new Hort Americas 9-7-37 Hydroponic Fertilizer. This water-soluble fertilizer is specially formulated for growing leafy greens, culinary herbs, microgreens and other crops in hydroponic production systems. Hort Americas has formulated this fertilizer to deliver the essential nutrients for optimum uptake by plant root systems. It can be used as a constant feed or as a supplement.
While supplies last, for the month of September, Hort Americas will be sending a free 5 pound bag of the new 9-7-37 Hydroponic Fertilizer with any purchase of products totaling $300 or more. All you have to do is reference the Offer Code: HAFERT15 at checkout, either at Hort Americas' online store or when you place the order with your Hort Americas Customer Service Representative.
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