On Thursday, September 10th Rijk Zwaan organized their Eggplant event for growers, plant breeders and crop advisors. Special attention was given to Kylie RZ, the newcomer in the range of Rijk Zwaan.

"Kylie RZ is an easy to grow variety. The cultivar has a high production and is easy to regulate," said Rudy van den Berg from Rijk Zwaan Netherlands. Van Onselen from 's-Gravenzande is the first grower who completely switched to Kylie RZ.

The grower shared his positive experience with this variety and also noted some points to watch out for when growing Kylie RZ."The harvest frequency of Kylie RZ is lower than in other cultivars. This crop should not be harvested quickly, otherwise you pick too much fruit of the plant which creates imbalance."

Besides this, grower Van Onselen is very pleased with the switch to Kylie RZ. For the coming year he expects, along with several other growers, to have in total about 10 to 15 hectares of Kylie RZ.

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