For Malaysian retailer, MBG, the changing tastes of the country's consumers is playing into their focus on quality products. They buy their fruit from wholesalers, but they insist that their suppliers buy the freshest fruit that's arrived in the country the quickest.
“The mindset of the consumer is changing so that fruit is now something that is eaten every day,” said Thomas Lee of MBG. “Demand is growing, especially among the younger generation.” Although the stock and pricing of fruit varies from location to location, MBG's most popular products are grapes, apples, oranges, mangos, cherries, plums and nectarines sourced from the United States, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Pakistan, India, Thailand, China and Egypt.
“Each country has its own regulations about shipments of fruit, but one thing that is good about Malaysia is that the government encourages all imports,” said Lee. “This means we can always get fruit from countries that have good quality at good prices.” When buying fruit from wholesalers for their 28 locations, Lee added that they make sure to get only the freshest products.

“When we talk to our wholesalers, we tell them we want grapes that come in by air,” said Lee. “That's what makes us different.” That difference is conveyed to the consumer in the form of readily-available samples that showcase the difference in quality between fruit from MBG and fruit from competing retailers.
“The promise is that freshness is there,” said May Liew of MBG. “We'll do promotions and events to encourage consumers to buy more fruit, and freshness is most important.” Pricing and selection is tailored to what consumers in different locations want. Grapes, for example, appeal to price-conscious buyers because they come in many varieties at different price points. Cherries, on the other hand, will typically sell better in more affluent areas because the most prevalent cherries are high-quality ones from California, and that fruit commands strong prices. But whatever the price point, MBG strives to provide the best quality.
“The expectations of consumers are high,” said Lee. “They don't just want low prices, they are also looking for quality and taste.”
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