For the second year in a row, Dutch grower Jan Breugem is growing Roselo on his site in Bleiswijk. "Roselo is a very coarse pepper, and with the current grading on weight rather than size, this is very favorable. Coarse peppers currently yield the highest price."

In the second year, Jan did implement some changes. “I did a lot of screening the first time around, which led to temperatures being too high. This year, there was less screening. Which isn’t beneficial for Roselo, I noticed. In hindsight, I should have given the crops more energy: Roselo is a sturdy chap that needs to be tamed.”

Extra weight in last few days
“Right now, things are fine,” says Jan. “In terms of volume, it’s looking better than last year. The plant load is 5 / 5.5 kilos per plant, and there is still room for more growth. On average we're at 9 to 10 days to full harvest, but at 13 days, we saw virtually no problems either. The fruit puts on some extra weight in the last few days, 15-18 grams in some cases. That's worth the wait. Especially because the market is willing to pay more for the pepper."

Jan is very satisfied with Roselo. "The quality is very good, averaging only 1% class 2 fruits. Also, the beautiful dark fruit of Roselo is very much appreciated in the trade."

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