Biological and climatic control nets are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the great advantages for both producers and the environment. This has happened thanks to the increase in demand of green products, the speed with which insects move and multiply (including the damage they cause to new ecosystems), the advantages obtained in protected systems (benefits for the environment and also in terms of cost) and the development of agriculture in new areas.

For Arrigoni, HDPE nets is a mesh that evolves over time generating new and improved products according to the needs of the clients, the evolution of insects and new technological findings. That is why it is used in the most innovative Arrigoni products.

Biorete 25 MESH (hole mm 0.97 x 0.77): for soft fruit
2015 was a real turning point for Biorete 25 MESH, the net that protects soft fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes etc. from Drosophila suzukii. The larvae are difficult to control and make the fruit rot. Multiple lab tests helped the company establish the perfect hole dimension, i.e. smaller than 1 millimetre.

Biorete 25 MESH weighs 110 grams per square metre and has 0.97 x 0.77 mm holes which are perfect against the smallest of insects. In addition, the sturdiness and resistance of Arlene R thread means that the single threads do not move altering the dimension of the hole. One of the essential elements of anti-insect nets is air permeability – that is why tests are being carried out using an "air plus" Drosophila net which, in addition to protect against Drosophila attacks, has the objective of guaranteeing the maximum air permeability.

Biofield 80 (hole 0.77 x 1.44): for carrots and cabbage
Arrigoni developed Biofield 80, a light net (65 g/sq m) with 0.77 x 1.44 mm holes that protects carrots from three insects (Carrot root Fly, Trioza apicalis and Lygus rugulipensis) and cabbage crops from two (Cabbage root Fly and Lygus rugulipensis).

Nets made phytosanitary management simpler and cheaper. In addition to reducing damages and productive losses, Biofield poses numerous advantages: there is no need for pesticides, crops are protected from cold winds, the soil is less dehydrated and plants develop better.

Arricover: from open fields to protected crops
The idea of a net that combines a light weight (only 36 g/sq m), longevity and protection against frost is leading to surprising results.

Arricover is the innovative HDPE fabric created to protect crops from frost and lepidoptera on open fields and improve the micro-climate in cold polytunnels.

It can also be used to protect watermelon plants in cold greenhouses during winter (see photo above). Plants have shown an increased root development and therefore they are able to produce high-quality fruit.

In addition, the fact that Arricover is transparent means that light can pass through it also in winter. On top of physically protecting the plants, Arricover favours the formation of the ideal dry mico-climate to counter the development of fungal diseases.

Arricover white/Agri: for raspberries, strawberries and fresh-cut ranges

Excessive direct radiations burn fruit and leaves leading to productive losses. Arricover white and the Agri range (white and black versions) are HDPE shading nets that prevent fruit damage. In particular, the white version reduces the temperature inside the tunnels improving plant performance and saving water.

The fact that the fabric is elastic means it can be installed underneath plastic films or directly on top of the structures (see photo above: new raspberry crops).

Arricover white – with a 40% shading percentage and weighing 38 g/sq m – is ideal to protect some salads for the fresh-cut range (photo above. Lamb's lettuce requires more shade so we recommend Agri 90 white), peppers (see photo below), strawberries and raspberries.

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Author: Raffaella Quadretti
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